HARD WORK PAYS OFF! Meter Milestone

Row House Meter Program

At Row House, we believe in celebrating you and your meter goals. That's why we've introduced a program to reward you for all of your hard work. When we say hard work pays off, we mean it, literally! 

Follow this simple plan to increase performance, lower your split time, earn rewards, and have fun doing it!

  • Become a Member

    Become a Member

  • Row 50K in Your 1st Month

    Row 50K in Your 1st Month

  • Hit Those Meter Goals

    Hit Those Meter Goals

  • Earn Exclusive Gear

    Earn Exclusive Gear

Earn Exclusive Gear!
Milestones and prizes vary by location. 



50K Meter Shirt
Row 50,000 meters in your first month to score this cool 50K shirt, and start perfecting your stroke. More classes = more meters. Check out the unlimited membership to help get you there!
Row House 50k shirt
250K Meters
You're on a good streak! By now, you should start noticing changes in your performance. The more meters you row, the more the flywheel fills up!
250k meter milestone badge
500K Meters
You've come a long way. You're feeling the rhythm, your split time has decreased and you've noticed changes in your performance and endurance. Show off all that sweat, hard work, and determination and share your 500K badge from your app.
500k meter milestone badge
1 Million Meters
1 million meters is no easy feat! Only the most dedicated, Row House die-hards will make the 1 million meter crew. Do you have what it takes?
1 million meter milestone badge
*Meter program might not be available at every studio.