New To Rowing?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. In your first class we will teach you the basics - and give you a great workout!

Welcome To Row House

We want working out to be comfortable for everyone. Sure, strapping yourself into a rowing machine can be intimidating, but rest assured, we're here to help guide you. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Row House Experience.
  • Check-In


    Grab a water bottle, and arrive 15-20 minutes early to meet and greet your coach.

  • Get Set Up

    Get Set Up

    Your Coach will help you get comfortable on your designated erg (rowing machine).

  • Give It Your All

    Give It Your All

    Congratulations, you showed up to class. Now give it your best row!

  • Track Your Workout

    Track Your Workout

    Track performance and stats through the app or after-class email.

The Experience, The Results

Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned athlete, there’s something for everyone. We know you’ll love being immersed in our inclusive and extraordinary community of Row House crew members. We are the change you want to see. We can't wait to meet you!
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The Experience, The Results


Why don't you focus on calories burned?
Exact energy expenditure varies according to a number of factors, including body composition, overall body weight and how hard you're working out. But even though it's difficult to pin down a precise number outside of a clinical environment, the best way to measure performance in rowing is to set meter goals. That's why we focus on the meters, just as runners focus on miles.
If everyone rows in sync, will I have to keep up with everyone?
Although we row in sync, the beauty of rowing is that you determine your own intensity. We understand that rowing takes time and we encourage you to row at your own pace.
How can you get the most out of a rowing workout? I thought it was easy.
If you’ve ever hopped on an erg and thought, “this is simple”, more than likely, your form is incorrect. Getting the most out of your rowing workout is all about technique. Make sure you’re sitting up straight, using your legs for power and always keep an eye on your split time (the big number on the monitor). If you focus on keeping this number low, you’ll be getting a better workout, and you’ll leave sweaty and accomplished!
There are some floor movements that I cannot perform.
Don't worry, our coaches can provide modifications to ensure you are taking care of your body.
Do we row the entire time?
No, we row in intervals and each class varies. Check out our class videos on the homepage to learn more.
Are there showers?
We think sweat is sexy! Check specific locations for more details on amenities. Some urban markets do have showers.
I forgot workout gear. Do you have retail?
Yes, we have a wide array of fashionable workout clothing and gear to accommodate your fitness needs.